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Southland Serpentine

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Southland Serpentine is a magnesium rich agricultural fertiliser mined from a naturally occurring deposit near Mossburn, South Island, New Zealand.

Once mined, Serpentine is crushed to minus 3mm for easy application and can be blended with lime and other fertilisers to meet your agricultural magnesium and cobalt supplement needs. It is especially beneficial for sheep, dairy and cropping farms as well as an increasing number of vineyards and orchards throughout the South Island looking for the perfect alternative to Calmag® and similar supplements.

Our bagging plant is kept busy for customers requiring their products in one Tonne bags and our popular Southland Serpentine Salt Licks sold in half tonne and one tonne bags. Browse our site for more information on how Serpentine can help your bottom line.

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Magnesium - the miracle mineral

Known as the "Miracle Mineral", Magnesium is the

  • Carrier of plant Phosphorus
  • The core mineral in chlorophyll (photosynthesis)
  • Activates 300 plus enzymes and B Vitamins
  • Regulates the absorbtion of Calcium

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  • Certified 4985
  • Southland Serpentine
  • guano phosphate
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