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Ordering your Serpentine

Simply talk to your agent for Southland Serpentine or contact us direct to arrange a delivery. We can organise a direct delivery to you or your local depot.

We are able to supply Serpentine on it's own or Serpentine/Fertilizer mixes to your specification. See why our application rates can save you money.

We stock high grade Lime, Elemental Sulphur, Natural Salt, Sulphate or Potash (Natural), Viafos Guano, Borax, Selenium Chip Red, Zinc Oxide, Copper Sulphate and many other assorted trace elements.

For delivery options we supply 500KG, 1000Kg and bulk orders.

We look forward to discussing your fertilizer requirements for the coming season.

Turn around times

We aim to meet your deadline quickly. Generally orders for Serpentine mixes can be filled and dispatched from our depot the next day. Bulk Southland Serpentine is available at all times on demand from Lumsden depot.

Contacting us

If you'd like further information or would like to get in touch please contact us using the details below.

Call us today at Southland Serpentine03 249 6820
Call Southland Serpentine's celphone today 0210 616655 (Bob Pearson)
Call Southland Serpentine's celphone today 021 810045 (Lyn Pearson)
Send Southland Serpentine an email right awayinfo [at]



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