Soil health in general

Why you should worry about your soil's health

Serpentine is a rich source of Magnesium and trace elements.

  • Known as the "miracle mineral" magnesium
  • The carrier of plant Phosphorus
  • The core mineral in chlorophyll (photosynthesis )
  • Activates 300 plus enzynes and B Vitamins
  • Regulates the asorbtion of calcium
  • Prevents early leaf fall in orchards resulting in yield loss
  • Promotes resistance to vineyard fungal attack
  • Prevents grass staggers and milk fever

The Cobalt in serpentine is vital for formation of Vitamin B12 in stock to avoid ill thrift and impaired growth.  Improve your soil health today with Southland Serpentine.

Trace elements

Celinium, copper, zinc, cobalt, and molybdenum are somtimes included in mixes to treat deficiencies.

Good soil heath means good growth.


Serpentine magnesium fertilizer summary

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